If you came here looking for Blooket the popular Online Game for Classroom Engagement, here is a direct link.

But, before you go… Did you know that some 600k+ people search Google by entering in “booket” when they are in fact looking for “Blooket”. It’s ok, we all make mistakes! But we thought that was interesting, so we have decided to help users find exactly what they are looking for!

Alternatives to Blooket

There are a few other online platforms similar to “booket” or Blooket. Here are a few you may also be interested in:

Another great resource with tons of education games just for younger kids is Education.com

Just For Fun Games

And when its time to let the brain take a little break, there is nothing wrong with some games that are just for fun and wasting time with!

Here are a few of those types of games appropriate for young kids!


Now aren’t you glad you stuck around and learned about all that just from a typo Google search such as “booket”? Learning can be fun! But in the vastness of the web, it is hard to find something that is educational, and also safe! Here we hope to have helped you find a few different sources of this type of fun for your kids! Happy gaming!