Gone are the days when inspecting drains, machine under-parts, and home wall cavities was strenuous and time-immoderate. Well, that’s far from the contemporary world’s reality. Technology has expedited the utmost digitization of literally everything and has facilitated numerous activities. Presently, inspections of the most shrouded places have become much more accessible, thanks to borescope inspection cameras.

Since their invention in the early 60s, the utmost importance of these nifty little gadgets has bulged significantly. They’ve become the most sought-after gadgets by homeowners, mechanics, and tradespeople in executing detailed inspections. In this article, we’ll cover the intricate details about these gadgets to help you decide on the right one to go for.

Borescope inspection cameras and their usefulness to homeowners

These cameras are used to inspect intricate machine parts, scrutinizing household walls and ceilings, or checking assessing drain pipes ambiances without dismantling them. They serve the crucial purpose of alleviating the strenuous and time-consuming effort needed to conduct meticulous inspections. The alternate version of these “snake cameras” is the industrial endoscopes that serve a single original inspection purpose – only that they’re meant for human body inspection.

Ideally, they are cord-like extensions that people insert in walls or machines to bypass barriers that distort the eye’s view, which impedes inspections. The critical aim for these gadgets is to gather information about these structures’ hidden interiors with minimal or no damage. For wall cavities, it only requires boring miniature and unnoticeable holes before inserting the cord for inspection. Better still, they have a light source attached to the cord’s end to illuminate darker parts.

What are USB borescope inspection cameras?

These cameras serve a similar purpose as other inspection cameras and are relatively cheaper since they don’t have a display gadget. Therefore, to display the hidden areas that need an inspection, you must connect them to a digital display like phones or computers. Although they work straight away in computers, you must use a specified application to enable their display.

Features of a good USB borescope inspection camera

Most snake cameras have lengthy cord extension that enables people to make far-reaching inspections. This attribute makes them ideal for household wiring and piping inspections in walls and ceilings since they can be challenging to reach. Their usefulness also extends to examining most household machine equipment, including air conditioners and ovens. Before purchasing one, here are the outstanding features you should know about these gadgets.

· Waterproof properties

A water-poof borescope camera extends your inspection to water-laden or underwater. This feature can be helpful when inspecting drains in your homestead to check for clogs that prevent drainage. Also, ascertain that you can attach hooks on them to remove clogs, preventing drainage.

· Flexibility of the cord

When it comes to minute inspections, chord flexibility is vital. For your home inspections, you need a semi-rigid cord. This feature is essential when inspecting ceilings and lengthy pipe drains that require rigid feeding of the cord and stability of the camera.

· Camera’s resolution and lighting

For detailed and practical inspection, you need an inspection camera with an incredible resolution for clear-cut imagery. An ideal inspection camera’s resolution should provide a 720P HD display screen with a 1280*720 resolution. Besides, it should provide a lengthy focal distance of between 3 and 10 centimeters.

· Length of the cord

Of course, the gadget’s cord length should be a priority when buying one. An ideal cord length allows you to inspect far-reached areas, including ceiling walls and far-placed air conditioners. It should be between 16 and 20 feet to reach every part of your homes’ appliances, drain pipes, or ceilings.

· Compatibility to phones, tablets

Some USB inspection cameras aren’t compatible with specific phone and tablet models, and they come with a specification containing this instruction. However, a majority of such types work well with computers. You might need an-all round USB inspection camera that’s compatible with all android and IOS devices, with no particular preference to specific models.


Inspection cameras’ usefulness in homesteads ranges from checking ceiling wirings and wall piping to inspecting drains in the kitchen and bathrooms. They also aid in unclogging drains since they come with hook attachments, thus prevents flooding in bathrooms and the kitchen. Getting one that’s waterproof with an incredible display is worth every dime, you spend.

A typical USB inspection camera costs between $20 to $60, and other types, including the endoscope models, can cost up to a couple of thousand dollars. For easy inspection of hidden parts in your home, borescope inspection cameras are ideal to suit the purpose.

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