If you came here for  the anonymous seach engine DuckDuckGo here is a direct link!
If you are looking for dockdock the financial app for keeping track  of monthly subscriptions here is the direct link to the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

BUT, Before you “Go”…  Did you know that as many as 700k people on Google enter “Dockdock” while trying to find the popular search engine “DuckDuckGo”?  We at Enjoy Information find that interesting, so we decided to try and help users find what they are looking for!

Since you enjoy browsing anonymously, we figure you might also enjoy some other tools that will help you browse the web anonymously!

A search engine such as DuckDuckGo or “Dockdock” (as you so quaintly searched for, since you know, you’re here) is but one method for online anonymity!  There are plenty of other methods. The key is, the more levels of anonymity, the more anonymous you actually are!

Web Browsers

Web browsers are one popular way to remain anonymous online.  All popular browsers today have a private mode, the name can vary depending on browser.  Firefox calls it a “Private Window”, Chrome for instance called it “Incognito mode”. Regardless of what it is called, what happens in these modes is the browser doesn’t save anything used during that session, if you login somewhere, or visit a website, and then close the window it disappears forever! No saved passwords, cookies, or history!

To access these modes, you would click in the upper right hand corner of the browser in drop-down menu you can often find these private modes.

There are stand alone browsers with this functionality as well, below is a list of the more popular ones.

Tor Browser

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Another great method that can be used in combination with both a web browser, and a privacy search engine such as “Dockdock” (“DuckDuckGo”) is a VPN or “virtual private network”.

These are services that establish a secure connection between your local computer/device with their cloud based service, so that when you are browsing it appears that you are physically located somewhere else in the world!

Isn’t that cool?  It’s like calling someone in Spain to prank call your cousin down the road!

Many of these services exist and range greatly in their pricing, many have the same features and who’s sole role is privacy online.  But to remain purely private pay close attention to things such as where the VPN is located (different countries have different laws on cooperating with authorities, obviously a country who would allow any one to come in and confiscate their data would not be the best option).   Also pay close attention to how long logs are kept (this too depends on laws and regulations the country where the service is located).

Below are some of the more popular and highest rated options available.


Operating Systems

Believe it or not, for the more techie amongst us, there are entire operating systems dedicated to online anonymity and privacy!

These are great because the entire system, from boot up, the OS, the browser, ect is all in system memory.  So once you reboot or when the system is shut down NOTHING is saved!  No logs, no cookies, no browser history, NOTHING!

This option is not for the faint of heart!  However, it is now easier than ever to download one of these (typically) Linux based operating systems to a thumb drive, boot your system from that thumb drive and wah-lah anonymity!  Please note though, this is best used in combination with a VPN service, as simply plugging in to your home network and browsing from will still show your own public IP issued from your internet service provider!

You also get the added bonus of learning an operating system other than just Windows or Mac OS!  And the best part is, you cant really break anything!  If you do, reboot and you’re right back where you started!

These OS’s vary greatly, but here are some of the more popular ones.

Qubes OS

Slightly more advanced options:


Now aren’t you glad you stuck around to learn a little bit more about online anonymity all from a simple typo like Dockdock for DuckDuckGo?  Please be careful out there, and happy and safe anonymous browsing!