WeBull is one of the more popular electronic trading platforms among retail traders. Offering zero commission trades to investors. The platform gained wide spread notoriety by retail traders during the GME stock short squeeze of January 2021, when GME stock reached a pre-market value of $500 per share. WeBull was one of the few platforms that did not halt traders from buying new shares on January 28th, 2021, which helped their reputation among retail investors.

WeBull Instant Deposit Buying Power

Now for the answer to the question at hand on does WeBull have Instant Deposit? Whether you sign up for a WeBull margin account or a Webull Cash account, WeBull offers “instant buying power” in the form of provisional cash that is provided while your ACH deposit is in transit, which you can use to trade with until your funds are completely settled. For funds to settle it takes 5 business days.

How Much Buying Power?

The total amount of provisional cash depends on your deposit amount, account type, cash balance, the market value of your positions, total amount of incoming funds, and your credit score. The limit for newly-funded accounts is usually $1000. If the total of your incoming funds is less than your limit, you will get provisional credit equal to your deposit amount. If your incoming funds exceed that limit, the maximum you will receive is the limit of your provisional credit. This limit of provisional credit may increase after your deposit has settled. The higher you net account value, the more provisional cash you will have access to.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Source: https://www.webull.com/hc/categories/fq1020-Instant-Buying-Power